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"I am a new member of the Blessful Body Membership and I am so thrilled to be able to participate in such a high quality course directly from my home! Ky is an incredibly competent and professional teacher. She has laid out a monthly online course backed by her support. She is totally available to all of her members. I am so impressed with her enthusiasm, dedication and this program she has put together. I am in such good hands! And so affordable!"


"Ky's Pilates workouts target the issues I'm having in my body and helps me shift the problem areas with simple tips and effective strategies that I can follow. Her knowledge of the human body is vast and insightful!"

Summer W.

"What more could I want? My pilates mentor is now available to me in the comfort of my own home 👌 through her Blessful Body Membership. This program is great for all walks of life & all activity levels. Ky brings her expert pilates experience as a master teacher directly to anyone who needs to integrate & promote optimal functional movement into their daily lives. Easy to follow & easy to use! If you need more mindful integrated movement in your life, this is it!"

Barb I.
Business owner

"Ky is absolutely one of the best instructors I have ever met and a joy to learn from and move with. I highly recommend joining!"

Katie S.

"I learned about all of the fundamentals of pilates , which is a necessity for anyone to understand before doing any kind of exercise or functional movement for a safe and meaningful life. After practicing the exercises I felt I was more aware of my core, breathing better, and standing taller. Thank you for your step by step and clear guidance to achieve this amazing feeling."

Azita C.
Pilates Instructor

The Blessful Body Membership is a fitness and wellness virtual studio combining Pilates and yoga workouts, guided meditations , and self-care that will empower you to strengthen body, mind, and spirit so you can move free and love life.


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