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Do you wish you were more fit?

Ask yourself...

Am I in physical discomfort or pain regularly?


Do I lack energy, zest, and enthusiasm for exercise, play, or my life?


Do I come to the end of my day and realize that I haven't moved or exercised yet?


Do I spend so much time caring for others (my kids, my partner, my parents, my clients, my pets) that there's little time or energy left for me?


Do I lack the time or funds to get a studio to workout regularly?


Does confusion around recommended requirements crush my motivation to exercise?


 You are not alone.

 Most people's lives are so busy and full that they struggle to find time to consistently move and exercise their body.

Despite knowing that exercise, particularly mindful movement like Pilates and yoga, is incredibly beneficial to fitness and wellness.

Time, knowledge, focus, pain, and injury can all make it harder to establish and maintain a consistent exercise routine.

Imagine Something Easier ...

  • waking up each day to a clear, organized plan for exercising.
  • core strength that supports you in all your activities.
  • zestful energy to exercise, play, and truly enjoy your life.
  • feeling calm, supported, and cared for each day, knowing someone is prioritizing your needs.

I Imagined It Too.

That is why I came up with my one of a kind virtual studio membership to help you consistently practice Pilates, yoga, barre, and release work without spending excessive amounts of money or time. No need to travel to the studio every day, the studio is conveniently available whenever and wherever you need it.

After 17 years of teaching Pilates and a Master's degree in Kinesiology I know how important consistent practice is to increasing core strength and achieving fitness goals. Even a few minutes most days of the week makes an incredible difference in strength, flexibility, and eliminating body discomfort.

Yet as a busy working mom, parent care manager, and coach I needed to create a simplified mindful movement system so I would know each day exactly what I needed to do to meet all the recommended amounts of types of exercise each week.

I've done all the work organizing loads of research on mindful fitness recommendations so you don't have to!

Strength training, flexibility, agility, bone building, cardio, and relaxation workouts are all included, and the monthly calendar organizes it all for you, so you don't have to search and wade through dozens of workouts to determine which ones you should be doing.

Taking care of yourself with mindful exercise means having the energy, longevity, stamina, and compassion to care for your loved ones, and create the intentional life you are destined for.

Enter the Blessful Body Membership

Everything you need to gain strength, clarity, and zest in body, mind and spirit!

  •  My signature monthly calendar organizing all your fitness (and mindfulness) needs into a done for you system. Never waste time and energy (or get stuck in overwhelm) figuring out which workout you should be doing again.
  •  A library of workout videos tagged by type of workout, length, and intensity. Ranging from 5 to 55 minutes, calming to energizing, release to lower body blasts - you'll never be bored when you want an extra workout.
  • Self-care tutorials that dive deep into a wellness topic (posture, sleep, hydration, shoulder care basics, and functional anatomy are all upcoming tutorials).
  • Live coaching and workouts with Ky
  • Bonus: access to a members only community where you can ask questions, get support, and find accountability with other Blessful folks.
  • Bonus access to Ky's Pilates & yoga glossary: an overview of the standard and creative exercises from Pilates and yoga, with Ky's essential tips for each exercise fully explained. New exercises constantly being updated.

What's Inside

your Body

Pilates, yoga, and barre workouts help you strengthen and stretch your entire body with a focus on a strong supple core.

your Mind

Mindful movement chillouts offer videos and audio guides designed to soothe your nervous system, relax your body, and calm your mind.

your Spirit

When your body and mind are nourished through consistent thoughtful exercise, your spirit is free to joyously live life on your terms.

Who is Your Teacher?

Hi! I'm Ky Autumn Russell, MA, PMA-CPT

A Kinesiology faculty instructor, Balanced Body Master Pilates Instructor, and mindful movement expert who has taught countless people how to care for their body, mind, and spirit so they could love and cherish their lives!

I've created my membership by combining 20 years of experience as a certified Pilates teacher and Pilates instructor trainer, my research, and university-level teaching with my personal experiences as a busy, working mom and caregiver to an ill parent. And now I am sharing my system with you.

The Blessful Body Membership is a fitness and wellness virtual studio combining Pilates and yoga workouts, guided meditations and relaxations, and self-care tutorials that will empower you to strengthen body, mind, and spirit so you can move free and love life.

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Monthly Workout Instructional Calendar

Workout Library

Self-care tutorials

Live coaching and workouts with Ky

Bonus private facebook group

Bonus course videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

My membership is designed to support busy women and men and Pilates teachers who desire a thoughtful approach to fitness. People who have a desire to understand their bodies and exercise at a deeper level particularly enjoy my style of teaching. I teach and train, and take pride that my students and clients become more knowledgeable about their bodies and its needs (and how to take care of themselves) in the process.

People who don't actually want to do Pilates and yoga while gaining understanding of their body. People who prefer a harsh approach to exercise that doesn't encourage exploration and education. If you just want to do a bunch of sit-ups as quickly as possible without understanding form and function - I am not your ideal teacher!! There are many teachers out there who would be a better fit. I love you and hope you find one of them.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Due to the online nature of the content, there are no refunds given for the current month. Once you cancel you will not be charged for any further months, and you will lose access to the membership at the end of the billing cycle you had laready paid for. For example, if you cancel on the 20th of the month - you will keep access until the first day of the next month, and you will not be billed for the next month.

Definitely not! I have an intro to plates bonus course available to all members that will help you get the basics. I offer modifications during my workouts and explain the exercises so you can confidently progress at your own pace!

Yes, each month your credit card on file will be billed automatically. You can cancel and prevent future billings at any time.

Due to the online delivery of the material there are no refunds given. You may cancel at anytime, and no future billings will occur.

Not at all! Once you register you will receive your login information to the membership. All the information and workouts will be housed there, so they won't take up any space on your computer. The bonus facebook group will be available to anyone on facebook. So all you truly need is a computer (or smartphone) and a way to access the internet.

I am not legally able to diagnose or treat anyone regarding their particular injuries or pathologies. I do offer modifications for many of the exercises, and it is up to your common sense and discretion how you should participate. I encourage everyone to consult with a physician before beginning this or any other exercise program.

We will have occasional live coaching, workshops, and workouts with Ky. Every live lesson will be video recorded and placed into the online learning system website. From there you can access the material whenever it is convenient for you.

Yes. I do work to keep costs of the membership manageable for most people, while still maintaining a high level of service for all. I offer a limited number of scholarships and sliding scale memberships based on financial need. To apply, please send me an email with any relevant details about your situation. Teachers, artists, activists, non-profit employees, and SAHM are all encourage to reach out if finances are preventing you from participating. There are more sliding scale membership spaces available than 100% scholarships. Please indicate in your email what amount of scholarship you are requesting. If I am available to accomodate you I will email a response, and I may not be able to email those who I can't grant a scholarship or sliding scale membership to at this time. All scholarships and sliding scale memberships will be re-evaluated each year.

Some of the videos will move at a faster pace and provide some cardio benefits. It is nt the focus onteh worouts, however. The monthly cardio will include instructions and suggestions for cardio. I encourage you to get outside for cardio as much as possible - hiking, running, biking, walking, jogging, and roller skating are my favorite cardio activities. 

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Monthly Workout Instructional Calendar

Workout Library

Self-care tutorials

Live coaching and workouts with Ky

Bonus private facebook group

Bonus course videos

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